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Jiangsu Artall Culture Industy Co.,Ltd

      Jiangsu Artall Cultural Industry Co., Ltd is a key culture enterprise subordinated to Jiangsu SOHO Holding Group Co., Ltd. With the concept of cultural creativity and mission of cultural inheritance, it is a large state-owned culture enterprise with cultural industry as its main business. It has a registered capital of RMB 280 million and net assets of over RMB 500 million.
      It wholly owns Artall Gallery officially named as “Jiangsu Museum of Arts and Crafts” by Publicity Department of the CPC Jiangsu Committee. It is China’s largest special museum for arts and crafts run by enterprises and an important arena for collection, sales and exchanges of artworks in Jiangsu and even the whole country.  
      It makes equity investment in Jiangsu Culture Assets and Equity Exchange and cultural investment microcredit company, presses ahead with New Generation Artists Project and 100 artists & 100 Artworks and heavily invests in building Artall Culture Mansion and Artall Modern Arts Museum. 
      To date, it has set up three subsidiaries covering the business range from arts projects, business and artworks. Aiming to be large-scaled, intensive and special-featured, it will embrace a vast and new culture field. 
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